Annual Package Learn more

Inclusive of

  • Tooth Cleaning (twice a year)
  • Digital X ray of tooth (2 xrays)
  • Filling (2 nos)

@ Rs. 1500/- per individual.
In connection to this, upto 15% discount on other dental treatments.

Happy Family Package Learn more

The oral cavity is a very dynamic environment which keeps changing by the hour and day. In order to maintain a good oral hygiene each individual has to be approached in a unique manner. the same approach may not be possible for every individual.

MSR Dental Surgery from its vast experience has devised a protocol and check points for annual dental plan depending on various parameters like age sex and condition of existing dentition. An individual is analysed using the latest software and hand held towards maintaining ones oral hygiene.

This package includes a detailed dental examination with full mouth X rays, annual cleaning with polishing and Oral hygiene instructions.

Healthy Teen Package Learn more

Teenage marks a very crucial part of a individual in terms of physical,mental and dental development. It marks the transition from childhood to adulthood. The various changes that takes place in the dental environment are

  • Falling of Milk teeth
  • Eruption of permanent teeth
  • Crowding of teeth due to discrepancy in jaw size and teeth size
  • Formation and development of Wisdom teeth
  • Completion of jaw growth

Each of these sequences of events possesses a challenge which is very often ignored resulting in dental problems during the later part of life

This package will address all these problems and is designed so that the individual needs to be only in a maintenance mode rather than a perpetual treatment mode.

Wedding Bells Package Learn more

Wedding Package-One of the best and most cherished moments of life would be a wedding time. You want to be your best during such ‘once in a life time’ occasions. We ensure always that your smile and your freshness are at your best during life’s intimate moments.

This package avails you

  • Cleaning and Polishing
  • One hour teeth whitening
  • Tooth Jewel (If desired)
  • Smile correction (If required)
  • Oral hygiene Instructions

Sr. Citizen Package Learn more

After all the hard work and when one has to enjoy the fruits of relaxed and retired life one needs to stay healthy with all nutritions required for which teeth play a vital role.

Teeth replacement and Full mouth Rehabilitation being our forte we offer expert customized solutions for senior citizens taking their health, logistics and economic conditions into concern.

This package offers you

  • Full mouth rehabilitation using existing teeth
  • Implant supported fixed teeth
  • Implant supported over denture
  • Over denture with natural teeth
  • Complete Denture
  • Precission attachment with denture