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When tooth ache occurs due to dental decay or irritation to the pulp from dental filling materials or trauma, the RCT comes as a good alternative to removing the tooth (tooth extraction). This involves replacing the pulp of the tooth with a resinous gum filling. Conventionally this RCT involves several visits to the dental office/ clinic because of which precious time is wasted. At MSR dental surgery since we value your time our experts have incorporated advanced techniques, materials and equipment to complete this complex procedure in a simple and painless manner and in a 'single visit' in most cases.

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The health of the tooth is directly proportional to the health of its gums. It has also been proved by extensive research that the gum disease is a cause of several other ailments in the body ranging from Atherosclerosis (narrowing of blood vessels), coronary artery disease, preterm low birth weight deliveries to name a few. The mouth being ‘the gate way to the body’ attracts a lot of micro organisms which affect the gums. Constant monitoring of the health of the gums is important to keep these infections at bay. A six month dental check up and gum cleaning will ensure healthy gums and a beautiful smile. At MSR dental Surgery we believe in evidence based treatment modalities. This is done by state of the art disclosing agents which help reveal to the patient different types of deposits (plaque) causing cavity and gum problems. Advanced gum therapy is also provided for gum pocket elimination by dental lasers, bone grafting and bio membranes.

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Today with the advent of social media and smart phones, your smile could be everywhere. You are being photographed more often than before. Wouldn’t you like to wear a beautiful smile and face life more confidently?

At MSR Dental Surgery, we use tooth colored restoratives with the latest Nano Fillers to replace your old silver fillings that discolour the tooth. This is possible because of our stringent quality measures and the latest Nano technology restorations.

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How would it be if you could get all your dental treatment done while you are asleep…IS THIS POSSIBLE?!

The thought of a dental procedure is generally associated with a misconception of pain. We at MSR Dental Surgery have disproved this myth. We have introduced the concept of Sleep Dentistry to walk the talk of “How would it be if you could get all your dental treatment done while your asleep?! ” To get convinced, please read the testimonials of our patients who have undergone treatment under sedation.

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The teeth whitening protocol is indicated for stains due to heavy smoking, tobacco and pan chewing, those consuming caffeinated beverages and use of certain medication (Tetracycline). Usually the whitening protocol extends over several days (upto 2 weeks) which requires meticulous application of the whitening agent by the concerned individual which always proves to be inconsistent and inconvenient. At MSR Dental Surgery we do away with messy application at home and a miraculous 40 minute whitening procedures performed in our clinics.

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The constructive role of lasers has been harnessed by scientists across all fields. Dentistry has also reined in the usefulness of laser therapy to bring about qualitative change in the treatment outcome. In MSR Dental Surgery, Lasers are being used for Root canal sterilization, elimination of gum pockets, crown and bridge dentistry, TMJ and facial pain therapy and also to increase the length of the teeth (Crown lengthening is done for better grip of the crowns to the teeth)

The use of lasers on the gums was first approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration in the early 1990s, and the approval for its use on hard tissue like teeth or the jaw bones,was given in the later part of the 1990s.

Several variants of dental laser are in use, with the most common being diode lasers, carbon dioxide lasers, and yttrium aluminium garnet laser. Different lasers use different wavelengths which goes to show that they are better suited for different applications. For example ,a diode lasers which has a wave length in the 810–900 nm range are well absorbed by red colored tissues such as the gingivae. Due to this these lasers are increasingly being used in place of electrosurgery and standard surgery for soft tissue. They can be used for a host of dental procedures, and allow for more procedures to be done without local anesthesia

Dental lasers are not without their benefits, though, as the use of a laser can decrease morbidity after surgery, along with the reduction for the need of anesthetics.

There would be very less bleeding following cauterization of soft tissue , and some of the risks of alternative electrosurgery procedures are avoided. Lasers are used for soft tissue surgeries in the oral cavity, such as gingivectomy, surgeries involving the periodontal sulcus, debridement and disinfection of periodontal pockets.( LANAP), frenectomy, biopsy, and coagulation of graft donor sites. The Laser wavelength is absorbed by pigment in the tissue. The laser’s are often used for their ability to form fibrin which allows them to seal treated pockets.

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With the increase in life expectancy, maintaining a good quality of life becomes very important. Intake of vital nutrients is paramount for the maintenance of a healthy life style. Presence or Absence of teeth plays a vital role in one’s food habits. Teeth help in breaking down the food and absorption of its nutrients from the gut / stomach. Research has revealed that the absence of teeth leads to depletion of nutrition in the body. At MSR Dental Surgery , our expertise lies in restoring the full complement of teeth in a fixed manner so as to resemble the natural condition. Full mouth rehabilitation requires a team approach and our team of specialists consists of Prosthodontist/Implantologist, Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon and a Periodontist. Our elite team has a Patient centric approach while prescribing the best treatment plan.

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"You are never dressed without a smile" says the American writer, director and Lyricist Martin Charnin. It is also the key which opens many doors. That being the importance of a smile.

Today with the advent of Social Media and Smart phones, your smile could be everywhere. Since your face is being photographed more often than before, wouldn’t you like to wear a beautiful smile?

MSR Dental Surgery specializes in Esthetic Dentistry and Smile Correction. Even half an hour is good enough to change your smile for the better.

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