Mr. Krishna Prasad

I am student of Chartered Accountancy. First, when I was told to remove all my four wisdom teeth in one go I was really worried and tensed for nearly 10 days before the surgical procedure. Since I read and went through all the internet stuff, I was convinced that it was a horrible and threatening experience and to know that some nerves running though the wisdom tooth connects to the brain didn’t help my cause either.

But it was all just like matter of fact and really wasn’t something to be stressed about. My surgery was just like a “mouth wash experience” because I felt that only 15 minutes had passed when I undergone the entire procedure.

Alas!! Really and honestly there was not even a single jerk which might have been there even during a tooth filling. That much easy was the surgery.

Thanks to the MSR dental team, they gave me the correct advice and relieved of anxious moments which was causing a lot of stress in my day to day life.

I strongly recommend MSR Dental Surgery for all your dental needs  

Mrs Chandra Srinivasan (Teacher)

I am pleased to have had the opportunity to write a testimonial for my dentist Dr.M.S. Ravi Varma. I know him to be a true professional, dedicated to his patients in the setting up of a state-of-the-art dental practice.

Dr.M.S. Ravi Varma and his staff provide a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Anyone who visits him will be impressed with the depth of his knowledge and the meticulous care he employs in the course of the treatment. Dr.M.S. Ravi Varma has taken terrific care of me and has always explained in detail the reasons for all procedures.

Mrs. Rukmani Jayaraman

Dear Dr.M.S. Ravi Varma,
It must be some fifteen years ago when my husband brought my nephew Ramani to you for a root canal treatment and that was followed by my mother’s visit. Padma and I then joined the queue! If you may recall, on a single day you had a visit from my mother, me and Padma with Githika - four generations. If that’s a rare occurrence then, I must add that you are a rare person too. Dr.M.S. Ravi Varma, you have always been sensitive to my special requirements without my ever having to tell you. Even when you say it may pain I see you are only referring to the least pain that’s inevitable in these procedures. And I see in your professional competence, a combination of knowledge of dental science, a deeper appreciation of the architecture underlying the teeth, mouth (decorated with braces) along with a 7’m arivu to sense, a patient’s potential pain to be able to minimize it.

I wish you and your family a great future filled with professional prosperity, continuing with good health, happiness and enduring peace of mind.

Ms. Rukma Jayaraman

I visited Dr.M.S. Ravi Varma for my wisdom tooth problem. He suggested that my wisdom tooth should be removed at once. I was a little nervous, but I can say today that it didn’t hurt me one bit. More importantly, he suggested that I get the remaining three wisdom teeth extracted as well. He recommended that I do this under sedation- a new procedure. Initially I was skeptical, but I got the procedure done last evening. It was completely PAINLESS!! I don’t even remember having had the procedure done. I thank Dr.M.S. Ravi Varma and his team for such a comfortable experience. I would recommend this procedure without any doubt to those who have to get their wisdom teeth removed in the future.

Mr.Sampath kumar

The MSR team has a professional and systematic approach and they explained in detail all the problems related to teeth. They told me the importance of maintaining my teeth in proper condition. They are taking steps to prevent any further damage happening to my teeth, which might in turn warrant removal.

The team also monitors the waiting time of each patient and thereby also intends to reduce the patient waiting time at clinic.

Mr. Harishankar Chakrapani

To Dr.M.S. Ravi Varma and MSR Dental Team,
Thank you so much for care and treatment. Like most of the people I too feared a little about getting my wisdom teeth extracted because my acquaintances told me that it would be very painful. But once I started attending your appointments and found the way you managed your patients with utmost attentiveness and friendly care, I gained the confidence I can get through without much pain. As you suggested, attending several sittings to extract wisdom teeth would not be a nice feel and we opted for ‘Conscious Sedation’, which helped me getting treated under an anesthesia. After the procedure, I was able to recover quickly what rather would have been very difficult. I would strongly recommend ‘MSR Dental Surgery’ to anyone who is looking for skilled, seasoned and attentive dentist in the city for a complete oral care. Thank you once again for your service and I wish you all the very best for much more success in the practice.